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NMN and depression

How can NMN supplements help? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 322 million people worldwide will suffer from depression by 2020. After the coronavirus(covid 19) outbreak, the situation got even worse. Take the United States as an example. Before the pandemic, 8.5% of American adults reported depression. As the country battles COVID-19, that number has risen to 27.8%. The main reason is the significant disruption of lifestyles during the pandemic. For example, we spend more than half our time hanging out with friends and family. Exercise has long been considered an antidepressant. However, people in their 40s cannot exercise regularly, so the number of depressed patients is increasing.

Let’s talk more about depression to overcome this mental illness. Depression is a common mental illness that affects people’s thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. If left untreated in the long term, depression can worsen and lead to decreased productivity, normal functioning, and even suicide. The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that depression will be the second leading cause of death by 2030. So, is there a cure for this dreadful disease?

Increase your NAD+ Level by taking NMN

Improve your NAD+ level by taking NMN. Studies have shown that people with extremely low NAD+ levels are at higher risk of problems related to anxiety, addiction, and other psychiatric problems. NMN supplements can increase the natural body level of NAD+. So what are the benefits of increasing NAD+ to help treat depression? Experiments have shown that depression can cause weight loss in mice, and NMN can reverse this situation. The stress hormone “corticosterone” is one of the important factors leading to depression. This hormone will lower our NAD+ levels, but taking NMN will restore NAD+ levels and improve depression symptoms. NAD+ can help boost coenzymes and other chemicals that cause mood elevation. It can also help us to be calmer and happier. NAD+ also acts as a powerful antidote and it can also improve your concentration level, as well as have better sleep.

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