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In only 12 Weeks NMN Improves Muscle Function

For the first time, a clinical study in older men shows that taking NMN increases blood NAD+ levels and improves various indicators of muscle strength and performance. 

Taking NMN for 12-weeks is Well-Tolerated

Before Yamauchi and colleagues tested how effective NMN at improving muscle function in aged men, the research team wanted to know whether taking it is safe. The research team looked at common blood chemistry measurements indicative of toxicity that included liver enzymes and markers of kidney function after 12 weeks of daily NMN usage. Importantly, the lab results were unaltered in the group of men who took NMN compared to those that did not, indicating that taking NMN is well-tolerated.

Oral NMN increases a person’s NAD+ level Since previous studies have shown that NMN supplementation increases blood NAD+ levels in elderly rodents, and these higher NAD+ levels are associated with improvement in disease conditions, Yamauchi and colleagues tested whether NMN supplementation increases NAD+ in elderly men. They found that NMN supplementation for 12 weeks significantly increased blood NAD+ levels. This is the first result of any study, showing that NMN increases blood NAD+ in humans. Yamauchi and colleagues said: “This is the first study to report that NMN administration significantly increases NAD+ and NAD+ metabolites in whole blood.”

NMN enhances muscle performance in men 65 and older To find out whether these NMN-induced increases in NAD+ levels improve physical function, Yamauchi and colleagues tested muscle strength and performance. They found that NMN significantly improved several indicators of muscle strength and performance: walking speed, grip strength, and the number of times the participant got up from the chair in 30 seconds. Their results show that oral NMN supplementation for 12 weeks can improve muscle strength and performance in healthy older men. “We report that long-term oral administration of 250 mg of NMN supplements per day is safe and a well-tolerated and effective strategy to promote NAD+ metabolism in healthy older men,” said Yamauchi and colleagues. “In addition, our exploratory analysis of the effects of NMN supplementation on physiological functions shows that NMN can improve muscle strength, which is an important clinical indicator of aging.”