NAD+ is vitally important for cellular. Although, NDA+ level drops as we age. NAD+ boosters increase NAD levels and launch the natural recreation process in our body.

The laboratory research proved that NMN (which is in fact a derivative of the vitamin B3) restores the natural energy in our bodies. It is mistakenly taken that NAD+ is good for the brain and NMN is good for the body. In fact, NMN and NR combat the aging process within both physical and cognitive health.

Due to the increased interest to NMN among the scientists, KIMURA decided to include the NMN into their line of products. We constantly learn about new results in antiaging studies, so we can bring the best and the newest products to you!

NMN is a cutting edge molecule. It is a vitamin B3 derivative. In fact, scientists at Harvard used it to minimize aging effects. As recent researches showed NMN NMN supplements trigger anti-aging routes in human bodies and repair old DNAs.

Safety and efficiency are the top priority at KIMURA. All our anti-aging products are tested by independent certified specialists and are proven to be safe for people.

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Yes and no! After some complex chemical reactions in our body the NMN will transform into NAD+. Thus, the Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is the forerunner of the Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). Note that all human bodies contain NAD+.

NMN can lose its power and even break down to nicotinamide if exposed to humidity, light or heat (over 25-degree C). We recommend to keep the product in a dry, dark and cool place. Please do not replace the original packaging and keep the lid well-closed. And yes, the refrigerator could be the best place to store the NMN product.

NMN is proven to be safe for adults over 18. And it is a food supplement. But we do believe that your physician’s advice will be helpful. Remember consult with your doctor if you decide to take any food supplement, not only NMN.  If you have any type of chronical diseases or medical conditions, it is very important to seek for the doctor’s advice first!

No, we do not recommend it! There are simply not enough clinical researches made on how NMN can influence pregnancy and breastfeeding.

No. NMN is not recommended for children. These supplement are made for healthy adults over 18.

All NMN supplements offered by KIMURA are gluten-free and also vegetarian /vegan. Moreover, all KIRUMA supplements are unflavored and free of any artificial sweeteners and preservatives. NMN can be naturally found in some vegetables, and it is composed of nicotinamide (vitamin B3 form) and ribose (sugar).

Yes. In nature NMN is found in some vegetables, fruit and plants. For example, we find it in cucumber, broccoli, cabbage, avocado, some nuts and mushrooms. But the amount of NMN in these products is extremely low. You would have to eat kilograms of these vegetable a day in order to absorb the necessary amount of the beneficial molecule.

NMN is proven to be non-toxic. The first clinical researches were completed in Japan already in 2016.

NMN was first tested on humans in September 2016 in Japan. In those researches it was said that taking NMN orally is safe and efficient for metabolism. NMN absorbs in a human body without causing any significant deleterious effects. Thus, the oral administration of NMN was found to be feasible, implicating a potential therapeutic strategy to mitigate aging-related disorders in humans.”

More tests on human were performed later on.

The studies suggest that the NMN overdose is hardly possible. However, we strongly advise not to take more supplements than commonly prescribed. There were studies on animals which didn’t recover any harm even after taking over 300 mg per kilogram body for ninety days in a row. Oversupplies normally leave the body with the urine. No harmful effects were detected during mice studies. And it was concluded that a safe dosage can be up to 300 mg on kilogram body per day.