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Bezos-backed Silicon Valley biotech startup aims to make people younger

Jeff Bezos and Russian-born billionaire Yuri Milner are working with research company Altos Labs to solve the problem of longevity. In Los Altos Mountains above Palo Alto, California, a large group of scientists met in October last year to discuss how to use biotechnology research to make people younger. They met in the super mansion of Russian-born billionaire Yuri Milner. Milner’s enthusiasm for scientific philanthropy has recently turned in a specific direction, focusing on anti-aging research, which gave birth to this conference. The scientific meeting further described the radical research aimed at “rejuvenating” animals, and eventually established an ambitious anti-aging company called Altos Labs.

Provide adequate funding for “great science”

So, how much money has Altos raised for their anti-aging research work so far? Will Gornall, a business professor at the University of British Columbia, said a securities disclosure filed in California in June indicated that the company had raised at least $270 million in funding. Several other wealthy technology giants and venture capitalists, Milner and Bezos also invested in the company. With all of this funding, Altos’ business model, at least in the initial stage, will include funding researchers who have no expectations of generating products or income. In other words, Milner and company CEO Richard Klausner said that Altos’ initial output would be “great science.”