Is aging unescapable? How to postpone it?

How to avoid serious age-related diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes or dementia?

How to age without losing health? Don’t we all want it?
We know that cancer raises death risks. Therefore, we invest billions in researches in order to fight it.

AGING also raises death risks. But we take it for granted. Aging research is now on the same stage as cancer research was in the 1960s.

Yet, we know what aging is exactly and what it does to us. Apparently, aging will not be that difficult to cure. Much easier than cancer.


Each one of us undergoes physical changes

At forty or even fifty we do not even think about aging. However, each one of us undergoes physical changes. Wrinkles cover our skin, hair turns grey, joints start aching. Tissue regeneration slows down with age. Thus, young and old people have different wound healing rate.

Today’s medical treatment approach is as follows: we recognise the disease, attack it with all known medicines, kick the patient out of the hospital and wait for his next visit, running in circles until the total failure.

Our chances of getting a fatal disease grow thousands of time when we get 70.  Therefore, eliminating just one disease will not affect the life expectancy.

As a result, the average life expectancy grows. But the HEALTHY life expectancy is at the same level.

Medicine simply keep us alive. But what kind of life is that?

Aging is a major risk factor for all diseases

There is an indictor called DALY – disability-adjusted life year – which measures the amount of years lost due to the premature death and poor health. One of the worst index is in Russia: 25 years lost due to poor health condition. In the USA it is 23 years. Israel is the best –10 years!

We must improve the amount of QUALITY adjusted life years, not just the continuation of life under any circumstance.

We live longer now. This is true. But an 85-year-old man has 4 diseases in average, while an 85-year-old woman gets 5 diseases.

AGING is the major risk factor for disease and death. Heart disease, diabetes, dementia, cancer have the highest risks. The list can be continued.

But not a single country makes enough researches to fight aging. Why?

Aging decreases physical performance and quality of life. Thus, aging meets all the criteria of what we call a disease. But cancer, diabetes and gangrene were also called incurable diseases previously, just like aging today.

In 2018 WHO updated the International Classification of Diseases with a new diagnosis code MG2A. From January 1st 2022 we will officially have a new diagnosis “Old Age”.

We think of aging as of something we cannot control

But recently the researchers have found the ways to deal with the diseases which exacerbate the aging process.

Thinking about aging, we perceive it as a process that cannot be influenced

Researchers also know how to treat several symptoms at a time.  The leading scientist in this field is David A. Sinclair, Ph.D., A.O. , a Professor in the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School 

Scientists have discovered that everyone, from yeast, worms, mice, chimpanzees to humans, has universal aging regulators. These regulators can be modified by a molecule such as NMN (β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide), some physical exercises and calories decrease.

But when we realize that we are all affected by the same disease, it becomes clear that overcoming aging is surprisingly simple. Easier than cancer. It sounds crazy, but NMN is just the first step in science.

NMN (β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide)

Is a natural compound found in some of the food sources. It is a revolutionary derivative of the vitamin B3 that has been called to combat aging symptoms.  NMN can stimulate energy metabolism and improve brain, heart and bones functions. Most importantly, mouse studies point to NMN as a supportive factor for DNA repair and SIRTUIN activation. SIRTUINS is a group of genes involved in healthy aging.  It also supports many cellular processes.

Human studies are in process now and will be published in the middle of 2021. Very soon we will receive the first scientific solutions of aging problems.

Some time ago a 50 years old was considered old

Now we say that of 80-year-olds. What stops us from going further? Now 60 is the new 40. And 70 will be the new 50. Our actual potential is 120 years. And we won’t stop there!

Once we realize that aging is not inevitable, we will start taking more care about our bodies.

Hey! We are not talking about being immortal or living until 200.  It is about living a QUALITY life with absent or postponed diseases. It is about feeling good while aging. And not spending the last decades suffering from a bunch of chronic diseases.

Aging is a disease, but it is curable. The newer compound called NMN is just the beginning of the war against this disease. We don’t have to put up with aging at all!